Source: Winston-Salem Journal

Teachers across North Carolina are adapting to a new normal of online classes and meetings over Zoom instead of face-to-face.

Despite the challenges, teachers are finding novel ways to educate students. Desirae Balsamo, an environmental science teacher at Hanes Middle School, is taking students into her backyard. Virtually, of course.

Balsamo uploads videos to YouTube showing her apiary, or beehive collection. The videos show the various stages of life for honeybees, including birth, colony construction and the all-important queen bee, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

Molly Harwell and Erin Astuto, dance teachers at Reagan High School, are uploading videos to YouTube as well, focusing on cardio warm-ups with references to the coronavirus, like “elbow five” and “sanitize.” 

Kristen Crews is an American History teacher at Reagan. She has taught students about the 1918 pandemic and part of the class has been journaling about the current pandemic. “It’s helpful to be reflective in this time of uncertainty,” Crews told the Winston-Salem Journal. “That’s our job as teachers, to get them to apply what they’re learning in class to current issues.”

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