Source: News & Observer

Governor Cooper announced that North Carolinians would have access to two new federal programs that will provide relief for housing-related issues brought by COVID-19. The programs are geared toward helping people stay in their homes and avoid evictions, the News & Observer reported.

“COVID-19 has strained family finances across North Carolina, and many people are struggling to make ends meet,” Cooper said in a statement. “People need a safe, stable place to call home, especially during this pandemic, and we must help keep people in their homes and keep their utilities on while our economy recovers.”

The programs will provide $175 million in relief. The NC Office of Recovery and Resiliency is set to distribute around $94 million for rent and utility payments. Another program through the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services will be distributed for families facing homelessness, the News & Observer reported.

“Families in crisis don’t have time to spare, and our state agencies are coordinating a plan to make it easier for people to get the support they need,” Cooper said.

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