Source: CNN

Governor Cooper appeared on OutFront with Erin Burnett on CNN recently to provide updates on North Carolina, including the recent storm damage, the coronavirus response and the RNC.

Prior to the interview, a number of states announced a group effort to improve on testing in the absence of a federal plan.

“How much is the federal government’s failure on this issue, testing, hurting your state?” Burnett asked the governor.

“It’s hurt a lot,” Cooper said. “We wish there had been a better federal testing strategy. In North Carolina we worked very hard to get testing out. But we find problems with the supply chain. We find problems with personal protective equipment. so, as governors, we’ve had to step up and do the job.”

A strong, national strategy would be better, Cooper said, so states are joining in this multistate effort to ramp up testing themselves.

Burnett also asked about the state of the RNC, as Republicans suggest Cooper has made it difficult for the convention to have press availability.

Cooper said that the RNC has gone back and forth on their plans but that North Carolina has remained consistent in prioritizing public health.

“I put in a mandatory mask mandate back in June. That has shown positive effects. We’ve taken the dimmer switch approach where we’ve stayed in our Phase Two. These are the things that are positive and the way you keep your numbers low; and we’re not going to have a whole lot of people gathering together and spreading the virus in a way that the RNC had talked about doing it, with the president telling me he wanted a full arena,” Cooper told Erin, adding, “We are not going to have that here.”

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