Source: News & Observer

Governor Cooper signed into law the Coronavirus Relief Act 3.0, House Bill 1105, which provides for $1B in spending. Cooper commented that it fell short on some priorities but overall merited signing.

“This budget followed my recommendations on school enrollment funding and invested in important areas like high speed internet access and disaster relief, but legislators should have done more to expand Medicaid, support small businesses, pay our educators, assist with rent and utilities relief and further help unemployed North Carolinians,” Cooper said in a statement. “Obviously I don’t agree with every provision, but the funding for pandemic support in this budget is critical and must move forward.”

The legislation needed to spend money allocated by the federal CARES Act by December 30, the News & Observer reports.

Among many provisions in the bill are $50 a week unemployment benefits, $72M in PPE, $10M for internet connectivity and $6M for food banks, according to the paper.

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