Source: Indy Week

Governor Cooper signed into law a bill that would streamline absentee voting in North Carolina as the state continues to suffer from the coronavirus pandemic. The Bipartisan Elections Act of 2020 passed overwhelmingly in the General Assembly and moves some processes online and makes the process of certifying a ballot easier, according to Indy Week. The bill also sends needed funds to local election officials to employ poll workers, improve technology and tighten election security.

One provision of the bill makes requesting an absentee ballot more efficient. In the past, ballots would be delivered first to the county Board of Elections, but now voters can request an absentee ballot via email or fax. Another change to election rules makes it necessary for voters to have a single witness. In the past, two witnesses had to verify that the absentee ballot was legitimately filled out by the person voting.

“Making sure elections are safe and secure is more important than ever during this pandemic, and this funding is crucial to that effort,” Cooper said in a press release.

The state is also receiving more than $10 million from the federal government to help conduct the election during the pandemic. 

The bill addressed a number of concerns raised by the North Carolina State Board of Elections but still fell short of all the requests, including making Election Day a holiday.

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