Source: NBC News

According to NBC News, polling shows that governors who took the coronavirus threat more seriously were enjoying higher approval ratings than those who downplayed the risk.

Governor Cooper, for example, holds a 59 percent approval rating among North Carolina voters. For comparison, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, a Republican who has faced criticism for his handling of the virus, only has a 39 percent approval rating in his state.

Other governors in states that are having trouble managing the virus showed similar trends. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has 48 percent approval and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sits at 41 percent. Both are Republicans.

“It’s all a reminder that the governors — Democratic or Republicans — who have taken the coronavirus seriously from the beginning are getting credit from their voters,” NBC News reports. “And the governors who haven’t — either by originally downplaying it, or reopening their states too early — are getting penalized.”

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