Source: Greensboro News & Record

The editorial board of the Greensboro News & Record applauded Governor Cooper’s leadership amid the coronavirus pandemic in a recent editorial. 

In early February, Governor Cooper created the Novel Coronavirus Task Force to coordinate efforts in anticipation of a pandemic. By March 10, Cooper declared a state of emergency, and four days later banned mass gatherings of more than 100 and closed public schools. On March 17, he ordered restaurants and bars to move to delivery and take-out options only. By the end of March, Cooper implemented a statewide Stay At Home order and issued an executive order banning public utilities from disconnecting services for those unable to make payments.

“We know this isn’t easy,” the editorial says. “Who doesn’t want to be able again to enjoy a night out at a restaurant or an afternoon at a ballpark? But for all of its pain and inconvenience, these sacrifices should be worth it. The governor is right: Stay the course. Follow the precautions. Don’t be tempted to squander the progress already achieved.”

Data shows the steps taken by North Carolina under Governor Cooper were decisive in bending the curve, with latest projections cutting down estimated infections and deaths. The public is also behind Governor Cooper, with recent polling indicating nearly 70% of respondents find the state’s response “has been about right.” 

“A premature return to business as usual could be catastrophic, health experts say, Coronavirus is more than 10 times more communicable than the common flu,” the editorial board wrote. That’s why they suggest North Carolina “stay the course” under Governor Cooper’s leadership to ensure regulations are lifted in a careful and deliberate way to ensure none of the progress made is lost.

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