Source: Indy Week

L.T. McCrimmon writes in an op-ed for Indy Week that the selection of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s running mate is historic for alumni of HBCUs.

“As a double-HBCU alum holding degrees from Shaw University and North Carolina Central University, this announcement was deeply meaningful to me. More broadly, this moment is a testament to the critical role of HBCUs in uplifting and supporting our Black youth in North Carolina and across the country,” she writes.

McCrimmon writes that graduates of HBCUs achieve higher levels of financial success than counterparts at other institutions.

“My experience is not unique: Black graduates of HBCUs are more likely to have higher personal and financial well-being than their counterparts at predominantly white institutions. HBCUs out-perform other colleges in both retention and graduation of first-generation, low-income African American students, and they contribute $14.8 billion annually to our economy as a whole.”

With North Carolina a hub of HBCUs, the Harris pick is liable to resonate with the students and alumni across the state, she writes.

“This week was a turning point for so many underrepresented groups who are finally seeing themselves at the top of the ticket. For HBCU grads like myself, it’s a symbolic and material testament to the schools we are so proud to represent. Kamala has our back, and we have hers.”

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