Source: Charlotte Observer

Christopher St. Hilaire dropped out of high school at the age of 15 with one plan in mind: video games and fast food. Seven years later, he’s preparing to transfer from community college to Princeton University, one of the most prestigious schools in the world, the Charlotte Observer reports.

Though Christopher’s path hasn’t always looked like it veered toward Princeton. Neither of his parents finished their schooling and, for Christopher, he felt like his education was just a matter of going through the motions, he told the Charlotte Observer.

Though he found little about school interesting, he did pore over books in the school library and took an interest in drawing. But for classwork in particular, Christopher told the Charlotte Observer that, “I didn’t see any value in the curriculum, and I didn’t see any value in the education.”

After he dropped out of E.E. Waddell High School in Charlotte, Christopher spent months glued to the television playing games. But eventually the novelty wore off and he went to the internet in search of information: art, mythology, medicine — anything. 

Clearly ready to restart his education in a more formal setting, he enrolled in a program at Central Piedmont Community College, where he received an associate’s degree. Inspired to further his education, he locked in on transferring to a prestigious school to acquire his full degree.

Now, Christopher is ready to take on a new challenge in Princeton, New Jersey. He cites himself as an example of what community college students can accomplish.

“And I think the biggest takeaway from my experience is that, yes, what I do matters, but also that what community college students do matters.”

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