Source: CBS News

While many have been lucky enough to watch the dangerous coronavirus sweep through New York City from home, one nurse in High Point set off to lend a hand.

“I could imagine the nurses being so exhausted, so stressed out. If I could just go and relieve a shift for them,” Bevin Strickland told CBS News.

Now, Strickland is working in Mount Sinai Queens, one of the hardest hit areas of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m not afraid, I’m not easily shaken by things,” Strickland said. 

Strickland told CBS she plans to donate all the money she makes to the Mount Sinai support staff. She’s a single mother with two teenage sons. 

“Life is not to just serve yourself but to serve others,” one of her sons told the reporter, when asked why they didn’t object to her going to New York.

“I believe it’s our duty, I believe we should be compelled to do something when we can,” Strickland said. “Somebody’s gotta help.”
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