Source: Greensboro News and Record

Rabbi Fred Guttman of Temple Emanuel in Greensboro has spearheaded a push to connect COVID-19 patients with their loved ones, even if in-person contact is impossible. That’s why he and others in the community have partnered to collect tablets. The devices are now being used at Cone Health, the Greensboro News and Record reports.

Initially the project was for religious groups to connect, especially with important dates on the Jewish calendar in the near future. But Guttman realized the same need could be seen in hospitals, where people weren’t just lonely but sick as well. So far, more than 700 of the Zoom-like meetings have occurred at the hospital.

Once used, the iPads are thoroughly cleaned and made ready for the next person. 

“It doesn’t even travel down the hall without being cleaned,” Joe Maisano told the paper. Maisano works at Cone Health’s Office of Patient Experience.

The project is one way communities are teaming up to ease tensions in what has been a difficult time for everyone, not least those affected by the coronavirus.

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