Source: ABC11

While many people cooped up at home are passing the time with puzzles and card games, one Duke grad student has “raised the bar” by hosting a backyard Olympics, ABC11 reports.

Alex Karsten has gathered 67 family, friends and friends of friends to compete in dozens of events spanning six weeks, according to ABC11.

“I miss the different ways that I would, you know, compete against people in normal life playing pickup basketball or something like that,” Karsten told the network. “I think a lot of people are really looking for that kind of connection that you only really get through competition.”

The project took on a life of its own. Players join in from across the country and Karsten says their collective creativity has made it very successful.

The eventual winner of the competition will get close to $2000 for a charity of their choice. Donations are optional for participants.

“There’s a lot to be concerned about, there’s a lot to feel bad about right now, but it’s nice to have something to feel good about. Knowing that you have basically sporting events that you have to look forward to on Saturday and Sunday and maybe some games that you’re playing against on a Wednesday night or something like that, it’s giving people structure,” Karsten said.

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