Source: Indy Week

In their endorsement issue for races across North Carolina, Indy Week threw their support behind Governor Cooper for four more years. 

Cooper upheld his promise to repeal HB2 after taking office, and since the Republican supermajority broke in 2018, he has wielded the veto to great effect. Over the past four years, they write, he’s been able to prevent “a reckless Republican agenda.” 

His leadership has helped North Carolina weather the coronavirus pandemic. “North Carolina’s battle with COVID-19 has been relatively stable,” they write, and cases “haven’t spiked at the rate of other Southern states like Florida and Georgia.” The fatality rate in North Carolina “is nearly half that of South Carolina and Virginia.”

For those successes, “we have Cooper to thank,” the paper writes.

Over the next four years, Governor Cooper hopes to expand Medicaid and implement policies that will help combat climate change. 

“If he can do that, he’ll go from a good governor to a great one,” the paper concludes.

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