The Cooper campaign released a new ad that highlights Dan Forest’s failure to do the bare minimum in his current job as Lt. Governor: show up for work. Fittingly, the ad is titled, “Hardly Working.” 

As Lt. Governor, Dan Forest is a voting member of the State Board of Education. But, since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, he has skipped nearly half of the meetings. These meetings covered issues that Forest crows about while campaigning, specifically the plans to reopen schools in the fall.

In lieu of doing the job for which he is currently elected and for which he is compensated by taxpayers, Forest spent his time giving interviews to conservative radio shows and the Fox Business channel. On some days where he skipped meetings, Forest would later hold campaign fundraisers.

Read the full transcript of the ad below:

Dan Forest: I’m Dan Forest. Leadership is hard work.

Voiceover: This is how hard Dan Forest works.

As Lieutenant Governor, he missed nearly 200 Senate sessions in just five years.

He missed more than 80% of State Community College Board meetings.

And since the start of this pandemic, he’s failed to attend half of the State Board of Education meetings.

But still made time to attend his fundraisers on the same day.

Dan Forest, more like hardly working.

Watch the full video spot from the Cooper campaign here.