Source: Winston-Salem Journal

Harry Weiler, retired from civilian and navy management, wrote to the Winston-Salem Journal about why he plans to support Governor Cooper for a second term.

“When great leaders see a major crisis developing that threatens the lives of the people they have been chosen to lead, they act decisively to protect the lives of those people and their way of life,” Weiler writes.

The federal government failed to take decisive action as the pandemic unfolded, Weiler writes, but North Carolina under Governor Cooper took a different approach.

In contrast to the federal response, “Gov. Cooper prepared his administration and our state to manage COVID-19 and protect the lives of as many of our citizens as possible,” Weiler adds. “In the absence of consistent guidance from the Trump administration, our governor, working with his public health advisors, developed a plan to minimize the number of deaths and to hasten the restoration of our state’s economy.”

That commitment to the well-being of North Carolina led Weiler to add his support for Governor Cooper’s re-election campaign.

“Gov. Cooper’s courageous action plan and leadership on COVID-19 have earned my vote on Nov. 3 and I hope yours,” he concludes.

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