Source: Blue Ridge Now

In a letter to the editor, Hendersonivlle resident Don Streb voiced his concern about Republican candidates who spoke at a Fourth of July event. Dan Forest, Madison Cawthorn and Chuck Edwards were present.

Streb was concerned because few if any of the attendees were wearing masks or practicing social distancing.

“In fact, no one present was wearing a mask or practicing social distancing, according to the news clips I searched. A barroom type event for sure,” Streb writes.

Streb adds that it raises the question of whether the attending politicians could be trusted to put North Carolinians’ health first.

“First, if the owner of Granddad’s allowed this lack of safe health practices to be in place, how much sanitation practices have followed the event? The second concern is, do we really want men who lack the respect and concern for the citizens of Hendersonville and Henderson County to represent us in any fashion regardless of if we are dealing with a health pandemic?” Streb writes.

Streb finishes writing that he will note “vote for any of these three candidates.”

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