Source: Winston-Salem Journal

In a scathing letter to the editor in the Winston-Salem Journal, Adam Corey writes that Dan Forest’s campaign slogan is an indicator of how he would “run” North Carolina.

For North Carolina governor, Roy Cooper runs for re-election against Dan Forest (the anti-mask/open everything up/let grandma die for the economy candidate),” Corey writes. “Around town, I have seen a few Dan Forest signs that say, “Run … Forest … Run.”

Did the Forest campaign watch the movie Forrest Gump, he asks

“Likewise, where is he running to? Gump just runs with no direction, no destination, no foresight, and no goal in mind. He has no plan. He runs until one day he decides to stop,” Corey writes. “Aimless running is not a good message. Does Dan Forest plan to run North Carolina nowhere?”

On the other hand, Governor Cooper has displayed effective leadership and knows how to run a state.

“Roy Cooper has been a strong governor, despite the legislature trying to strip gubernatorial powers. Unlike his opponent, Cooper has taken the COVID crisis seriously. We are the ninth largest state in the U.S., but rank 30th in cases per million and 33rd in deaths per million. We never approached the situation of running out of hospital beds,” Corey continues. “We have several large metropolises that could have gotten out of hand, but Cooper’s leadership kept our numbers under control.”

That leadership leaves North Carolinians with a clear choice, he writes. Vote Roy Cooper.

Read the full letter in the Winston-Salem Journal.