Source: Blue Ridge Now

In a letter to the editor in Blue Ridge Now, Suzi Leonard compared the Republican approach to the coronavirus to “drink[ing] the Kool-Aid.” 

Leonard cited Mark Meadows, former congressman and now chief-of-staff for President Trump, who suggested that “99% of Covid-19 cases are ‘totally harmless.’” She also criticized the Fourth of July campaign event where Republican candidates Chuck Edwards, Dan Forest and Madison Cawthorn gathered supporters.

She called the event “a close-up, unmasked, hand-shaking, in-your-face, Kool-Aid moment to prove Trump’s 99% supposition.”

Instead of relying on Republican leaders who would share misinformation or make decisions based on politics in lieu of expertise, Leonard says the best path forward is to vote for Democratic candidates. “They will never invite you to drink the Kool-Aid.”

Read the full letter to the editor from Blue Ridge Now.