Source: The Pilot

Doris Gulley wrote in a letter to the editor of The Pilot that she supports Governor Cooper and his handling of the pandemic. 

“Gov. Cooper has been steadfast in trying to protect North Carolinians during the pandemic,” Gulley writes. “He also practices what he preaches.”

She says that the Cooper administration has been working “to provide the best scientific advice and to be transparent on all issues,” including school reopening.

Gulley also notes that Cooper’s positions have been misrepresented by negative campaign ads. 

“I resent the ads that say he doesn’t care about North Carolina and mention vetoing budgets three times and making up reasons he did so. Everyone needs to remember that he vetoed those budgets in attempts to get N.C. teachers the raises they deserve.”

The pandemic has made clearer than ever that teachers deserve raises and should “be paid in relation to their worth,” Gulley concludes. “Gov. Cooper has known that all along and he will always fight for that. This state needs Roy Cooper.”

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