Source: News & Record

In a letter to the editor of the Greensboro News & Record, Mary Martha Smoak writes about her concerns with Dan Forest’s candidacy. Forest’s refusal to accept the science on masks is just another “poor idea” of his that compelled her to write.

“Forest needs to refrain from whining about “mask mandates” and read the research on the strong advantage of wearing a mask to protect citizens young and old from COVID-19 and likely reduce the spread of the seasonal flu. This mandate will save lives, pain and the suffering of school-age citizens and those who come in contact with them daily,” Smoak writes.

She wonders whether there are other common sense steps that Forest might refuse in daily life.

“Does Forest pass on a double yellow line, not wear a seat belt, exceed the speed limit, drink and drive, eat in establishments with a C or less sanitation grade, and avoid having members of his family immunized against many deadly contagious diseases?” she asks.

Luckily for North Carolina, she says, Forest is not currently the governor.

“Fortunately, Gov. Roy Cooper and his medical advisers put the health and welfare of N.C. citizens first in their decision-making,” Smoak writes. “Why would I vote for Dan Forest? Common sense tells me not to waste my vote.”

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