Source: Charlotte Observer

Two North Carolinians wrote to the Charlotte Observer about the varying ways Dan Forest is unfit to be governor. Dr. James Horton, from Charlotte, writes that Forest supports a dangerous fallacy.

“Lt. Gov. Dan Forest has indicated his support for the Great Barrington Declaration, an internet letter that promotes stopping all COVID-19 control measures except for the most vulnerable people,” Horton writes. He cites The Lancet, the world’s premier medical journal, which called the idea “a dangerous fallacy unsupported by scientific evidence.”

Forest also said that masks do not work, another untruth, Horton adds.

“Public health should be based on science, not letters Forest finds on the internet,” Horton concludes.

In another letter, John Clark writes that Forest spouted numerous false claims during the gubernatorial debate.

Clark writes that Forest in the debate: “1. Claimed masks do not work. 2. Claimed private schools have had no virus cases. 3. Claimed the governor is responsible for the 1 million unemployed in N.C. when the pandemic is the primary reason.”

Lying to voters is disqualifying, Clark concludes. “North Carolinians should choose a governor who is not simply composed but truthful with the voters.” 

Read both letters to the editor in the Charlotte Observer.