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Everyday North Carolinians across the state took to the opinion pages of their local papers to voice their disdain for Dan Forest’s latest political stunt. The Lt. Governor and Republican candidate for governor has filed a lawsuit to challenge Governor Cooper’s emergency orders that were put in place to protect North Carolinians during the pandemic. None of his fellow Republicans on the Council of State would join him in the lawsuit.

In the Winston-Salem Journal, Glenn Pilcher wrote that Forest is wasting money on a “politically motivated, frivolous lawsuit” against the governor when he could be helping frontline workers with PPE. Glenn adds that “Republican leaders like Forest and Senate Leader Phil Berger” would rather preserve their own power and play politics, while health officials and Governor Cooper are “trying their very best to prevent citizens from dying.”

In the Greensboro News & Record, Bill Shore suggests that the motives for the lawsuit are transparent: promoting Dan Forest. “If you were governor, what would your orders safeguard — other than self-preservation?” Shore asks. 

Shore also asks what Forest’s plan would be, apart from reopening everything. “Would you reopen everything, only to have to retract your decision after seeing the real consequences of your political ambition?”

Gail Boyarsky in the News & Observer echoed this sentiment, asking what Forest would do if he were running the state. Forest has lobbed complaints about how Governor Cooper handles the crisis, but offers no plans of his own. Instead of trying to quickly reopen entertainment venues like bars, Boyarsky says the focus should be “on opening schools before opening bars,” something for which Forest has yet to offer a plan.

Read the full letters to the editor to multiple news outlets from Glenn, Bill and Gail.