Source: News and Observer

Dan Forest made waves when he said that he would reopen schools without masks and would also remove the mask mandate statewide. North Carolinians took issue with his cavalier attitude toward reopening our schools in multiple letters to the editor to the News and Observer.

“I have to take exception with Dan Forest’s assertion that ‘all science is based on skepticism.’ Science is based on careful research, data, facts and the laws of nature,” MaryJane Selgrade writes

“Why should we take his advice over that of medical professionals who specialize in infectious disease when it comes to wearing masks?”

Another letter, from John Dowd, says the Forest approach would be dangerous. 

“How reckless of him it would be to lift mandated masks, particularly in schools, and expose our teachers and students to infection compromising their health and possibly their lives,” he writes. Dowd adds that premature openings in other states “have resulted in an increase in infection and deaths.”

“I suggest [Forest] catch up on science and find something else to campaign on,” Dowd concludes.

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