Source: Charlotte Observer

In letters to the two major North Carolina newspapers, Bob Wallace and Thomas McKee write that the state would be worse off under a Dan Forest governorship in our fight against COVID-19.

Republican leaders have disdain for science, McKee writes for the News and Observer. 

“Yes, it would be wonderful to reopen schools as Sen. Phil Berger wants, but the virus rules, so a reopening will bring more COVID-19 infections and deaths,” he writes. McKee adds that Lt. Governor Dan Forest “either doesn’t follow the news or refuses to believe it” as he continues to deny masks work.

“Truth must guide our leaders as they make decisions for us. By their disdain for scientific truths, our state and national Republican leaders have made it foolish to vote for them,” McKee concludes.

In the Charlotte Observer, Wallace points to South Carolina as an example for how North Carolina would handle COVID-19 under a Forest administration. 

“Lt. Gov. Dan Forest has missed the great science experiment being conducted across our country. The results are in and obvious to all but the willfully ignorant,” Wallace writes. “In South Carolina, Gov. Henry McMaster did what Forest proposes. McMaster never imposed a statewide mask mandate and opened up the economy before meeting CDC benchmarks. South Carolina has almost as many deaths as North Carolina, despite having half the population. South Carolina also has a much higher infection rate.”

Whether or not Forest believes the science does not make it untrue, Wallace concludes

“As science has revealed, natural processes affect everyone equally — no matter your skeptical opinions.”

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