Source: High School OT

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest suggested, without evidence, that the North Carolina High School Athletic Association was choosing to delay high school athletics for political reasons. The commissioner of NCHSAA shot back at a press conference, saying the decision had nothing to do with politics, according to High School OT.

“It really is more about a request from the membership,” Commissioner Que Tucker said.

Tucker says that the decision was made so that athletes are not crowded on campus while people were using the facilities to vote. Election day is November 3rd and many public school buildings are used as polling centers in election years.

“Many of our polling places are in schools in some areas of the state,” Tucker said at the press conference. “To try and avoid that conflict, we were asked by the membership to avoid that date. So I can assure you that, when we shared that calendar yesterday with the ad hoc committee, and I will assure Lt. Gov. Forest, that Nov. 2 was on that calendar, but the ad hoc committee, as we looked at it and as they made recommendations, that was a request.”

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