Source: Salisbury Post

In a letter to the editor of the Salisbury Post, Robin Hager writes that it came as no surprise to see Lt. Governor Dan Forest’s latest campaign stop in Salisbury featuring more of the same: indoors, close together and without masks.

“I don’t know what has happened to the minds of people that make them think they are exempt from steps that will help eradicate this terrible virus — the main one being the wearing of face coverings,” Hager writes.

Forest has claimed that masks do not work and that he intends to shake as many hands as possible over the course of the campaign. Hager goes on to laud the response from Governor Cooper and that following guidelines he has outlined will put the state back on track.

“If you want to get the nation back to work and to school, be responsible and adhere to the guidelines set by Governor Cooper. I admire what he has done to help North Carolina start to get back on track, and for not bending to pressure from Trump and his followers,” Hager concludes.

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