Source: Charlotte Observer

In a letter to the editor of the Charlotte Observer, Charlotte resident LeRoy Moyer asks what the effects of a Forest administration would be had he led the state during the coronavirus pandemic. Moyer takes Georgia, under Republican Brian Kemp, as a parallel.

“I’ve heard radio ads from Lt. Gov. Dan Forest attacking Gov. Roy Cooper over his COVID-19 response. So, I took a look at the state of Georgia, a state with a Republican governor and a very similar population of just over 10 million people,” Moyer writes. “The Georgia governor and Dan Forest have spoken in similar tones about COVID. Based on Forests’ comments, it appears North Carolina under Forest would have been open for business and masks would be optional at best.”

Despite having similar populations, North Carolina (at the time of the letter’s publication) had 157,741 COVID cases and 2,570 deaths versus Georgia’s 256,253 cases and 2,586 deaths.

“That is 98,512 more cases and 2,586 deaths,” Moyer concludes. “I’m wondering if under a Forest administration those are acceptable numbers?”

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