Source: CBC Editorial

While North Carolina adjusts to a new way of life, masks are becoming a common sight in public areas. There is one exception: the North Carolina General Assembly.

The CBC editorial takes to task Republican members of the North Carolina House who, it seems, made a point of not wearing a mask when members came in for session.

“Still, there are some members of the North Carolina General Assembly who want to make a political statement by NOT wearing protective masks when engaging with others, such as in the state House or Senate chambers or out in public,” the author writes.

As one Democrat told The Charlotte Observer, “You could tell they were making a point of not wearing a mask.”

The editorial writer says that wearing a mask should not be part of any political statement. In truth, it’s a statement of common decency.

“Wearing it says we care about the health of our friends, co-workers and even strangers we happen to come in contact within the limited ways we connect with others these days.”

The mask is as much for the protection of others as it is for the individual wearing it.

“What it says is that the wearers are concerned enough about others that they don’t want to, even inadvertently and unknowingly, risk infecting someone else with the COVID-19 virus.”

Read the full editorial from the CBC on mask-wearing here.