Source: National Journal

Democrats see Medicaid expansion as one of their key objectives if they take back power in Raleigh, National Journal reports. North Carolinians elected Roy Cooper, a Democrat, as governor in 2016, but a Republican-led legislature has resisted any compromise on closing the coverage gap.

After nearly a decade in power, “their years-long battle against Obamacare, including Medicaid expansion, may now cost them the majority,” National Journal reports

Democrats have fought for Medicaid expansion for years. Now, the pandemic has underscored the need for health care coverage. Medicaid expansion stands to bring more than half a million North Carolinians health care coverage. 

“If Democrats flipped both the House and Senate, among the top priorities will be getting Medicaid expansion done,” Sarah Crawford, a candidate for the North Carolina Senate, told National Journal. “In Virginia, when they flipped the legislature last year. There were things they did on day one that they’ve been trying to do for a long time. So I am hopeful that North Carolina will have that same opportunity.”

Governor Cooper has made Medicaid expansion “a keystone of his campaign,” National Journal reports. His opponent, Lt. Governor Dan Forest, has continued to oppose Medicaid expansion and refused to explain his health care plan when asked by reporters.

Forest’s campaign suggested that health care, among other questions they declined to answer, are “not the issues the people of North Carolina really care about.”

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