Source: News & Observer

In the race for governor of North Carolina, only one of the candidates supports Medicaid expansion. In a profile of both Governor Cooper and Dan Forest, the News & Observer examined which policies both candidates support to extend health care for North Carolinians. Cooper has a specific plan to get it done; Forest does not, the News & Observer reports.

Medicaid expansion has been a primary goal of Governor Cooper during his first term, but Republican leaders in the state have refused to consider it. Cooper has said that if Democrats retake the legislature, it would be his first goal in the new legislative session. In the candidate debate, Cooper said expansion was “a moral imperative.”

A September poll of voters in the state found that 77% support Medicaid expansion.

Representing the minority opinion — only 11% of voters strongly oppose expansion — is Dan Forest. In a candidate questionnaire from the News & Observer, Forest offered only vague responses and no concrete plans to insure people in the coverage gap. He opposes Medicaid expansion and says he wants to encourage doctors to practice in rural communities. His campaign website has no specific information on how he would achieve that. 

Forest refused to share his health care plan when asked by reporters. “Although he’s made it clear he doesn’t support Medicaid expansion, Forest hasn’t offered a clear alternative. When asked by local reporters to flesh out his position, he refused to do so,” the National Journal reports.

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