Source: WBTV

Janaria Nash was working in Charlotte up until the coronavirus ended elective surgeries in hospitals. On March 21, as New York City began to be hit the hardest in the United States, Nash took a crisis deployment job and shipped up to the Big Apple, WBTV reports.

“I don’t think anyone who went there knew what to expect,” Nash told WBTV.

Nash was working at various hospitals in New York, including Jacobi Medical Center and Kings County Hospital. The work was hard and took a toll on her, Nash told WBTV.

The experience strengthened her resolve, though, and she suggests that it is important for people to wear their masks to help stop the spread because the coronavirus is very real.

“People were just doing things that is just inconsiderate of people’s lives. And here I am sitting here holding this person’s hand as they’re dying, and they can’t even see their family and you’re making jokes about it,” she told WBTV.

Nash is back home and in self-isolation. She will soon see her children for the first time since she went to New York over 100 days ago.

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