Source: Mt. Airy News

Mount Airy Councilman Ron Niland said that he disapproved of Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest’s decision to forgo a mask in his campaign appearance a few weeks ago, according to the Mt. Airy News.

“And I was disappointed with seeing the pictures in the paper of people standing next to each other, basically hugging and doing all of this, with no social distancing, no masks — no anything,” Niland said. “I think that’s a shame.”

Niland said that he was not trying to make a political statement, but that he expected better leadership from Forest on the issue.

“Anybody in that position probably should know better,” he said. “So I just want to say that I was disappointed in that.”

Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest has falsely claimed that “masks do not work with viruses” and his campaign has pledged to “shake as many hands as we can” during the pandemic. A local GOP official, Surry County Republican Party Chairman Mark Jones, doubled down on the misinformation.

“Many of us believe wearing masks is not supported by science — there are multiple articles in medical journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine, that indicate masks are ineffective,” Jones said

The New England Journal of Medicine article has been widely cited out of context and the authors of it are in fact proponents of mask wearing.

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