The North Carolina State Board of Education approved the Annual Charter Schools Report, even while concerns remained about information within it. The Board voted 7-3 to approve it.

The Charter Schools Advisory Board asked for adjustments to be made that would frame charter schools in a better light, “[requesting] several changes to include more positive information about charter schools,” according to WRAL.

Dan Forest, in his capacity as lieutenant governor, is a voting member of the State Board of Education. Forest is an outspoken proponent of charter schools in North Carolina.

In 2016, leveraging his position on the State Board, Forest managed to delay the report’s submission to the General Assembly because it “did not have a lot of positive things to say” about charter schools, according to the News & Observer.

At the time, the News & Observer editorial board slammed the decision, suggesting Forest was abusing his position because, “He and others who relentlessly push expansion of charter schools don’t want to hear the straight-up facts in the report.” 

The move raises concerns, once again, that Forest chooses to gloss over the shortfalls of the for-profit charter industry on which he relies to bankroll his campaigns. Support for charter schools is a primary focus of Forest’s campaign. Last fall, he rolled out an education plan advocating for an expansion of the private school voucher program. Private school vouchers use taxpayer dollars to send kids to private schools, while funneling public money away from traditional public schools.

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