Source: Charlotte Observer

Multiple North Carolina companies are pivoting from their typical production lines and beginning to produce medical masks as the nation faces a shortage during the coronavirus pandemic.

In Conover, a company called Nufabrx typically produces medicated fabric for socks, compression sleeves, gloves and workout clothing, according to the Hickory Daily Record. Now, they have transitioned to making medical masks only.

The team at Nufabrx concocted plans for antimicrobial masks and were testing prototypes two days later. Now they’re making thousands of them, according to founder Jordan Schindler.

Another, Gastonia-based company is rising to the challenge as well. Parkdale Mills is partnering with other brands, including Winston-Salem based Hanesbrand, to build a manufacturing supply chain for masks, according to the Charlotte Observer.

The companies involved in the supply chain are typically competitors in the marketplace, the Charlotte Observer reports, but “are banding together for the greater good of a nation facing one of its most monumental challenges.” 

When the supply chain reaches full capacity, which is expected within a month, the combined efforts should produce up to 10 million face masks per week.

Hanesbrand, out of Winston-Salem, has moved away from production of t-shirts, underwear, socks, sweatpants and sweatshirts. They now expect to produce around 1.5 million masks out of the 10 million from the combined efforts once the production reaches peak capacity. It took less than a week for Hanesbrand to pivot from negotiations with the federal government to beginning production, the Winston-Salem Journal reports.

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