Source: Good Morning America

Chance Kennedy, 22, was supposed to be graduating from North Carolina Central University this spring. But the coronavirus changed his — and every other college graduates’ — plans, with in-person graduations largely canceled, Good Morning America reports.

Since there wouldn’t be a venue for his family and friends to gather and celebrate his graduation, Kennedy decided to post a video of himself dancing on his Instagram. Originally meant just for friends and family, he told Good Morning America, the video blew up and went viral.

“Coming into freshman year, I was always the kid who was dancing,” Kennedy told GMA. “Like, before you might know my name, you’d know me as the kid who’s always dancing.”

Kennedy says he was known as the dancer at school. “I came into college 2016 dancing and leave in 2020 dancing. It’s really the perfect way for me to leave, so that’s why doing that Senior Walk was so much fun,” he said. While at NCCU, Kennedy played on the football team all four years and worked hard to balance sports and school.

“Graduating from college, it’s not easy, especially for an African-American man,” he told GMA. “I knew for sure that I was going to celebrate no matter what. So, even with the pandemic, I wanted to see the positive side of it. Even though [I] didn’t get to graduate and walk with friends, we still had four years of college and that’s something to celebrate.”

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