Source: WRAL

Many Americans are eager to receive stimulus money from the government, but for some people, the extra money is more of a luxury than a necessity.

That’s why NC State graduates Craig Prince and Kevin Miller joined to create the website The site allows people to donate part or all of their stimulus check to help families or to organizations helping others, WRAL reports.

“Here is a super easy way to take something that essentially was put in your lap and say, ‘I want to use this to help other people,’” Prince told WRAL.

“This is an opportunity to help somebody, especially somebody that you know, so the majority of folks that are giving are giving to people who are down their street or people that they work with who they know who are laid off. It’s somebody they see that’s in currently a tough situation,” said Miller.

So far, the site has collected some $60,000 dollars in pledges from people across 15 states.

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