Source: News & Observer

The Editorial Board for North Carolina’s major newspapers, the Charlotte Observer, News & Observer, and Durham Herald-Sun, released its emphatic endorsement of Governor Cooper. “We strongly support the re-election of Gov. Roy Cooper,” the Editorial Board wrote.

“Cooper appointed diverse and competent Cabinet members and has steered the state well despite constant resistance from the Republican-controlled General Assembly. But his main accomplishment may be what he has prevented from happening,” the Editorial Board writes. “In his first two years, Republicans with a supermajority in both chambers routinely overrode his vetoes. But Democratic legislative gains in 2018 broke the supermajority, and now the governor’s vetoes stand.”

With the General Assembly up for grabs this November as well, the Editorial Board sees the potential for even more progress over Cooper’s next term.

“The governor could get much good done with a legislature that shares his priorities. The tax structure needs to be restored to one that’s fair and adequate. Expanding Medicaid would help a half-million North Carolinians gain access to healthcare. Public schools need to be rescued from a decade of neglect. The University of North Carolina Board of Governors should be restored to a panel more reflective of the state and less beholden to legislative leaders,” the Editorial Board continues.

Cooper’s leadership over his first term, including during the pandemic, warrants four more years.

“He strongly supports two changes that the state urgently needs – Medicaid expansion and meaningful pay raises for teachers. He vetoed the Republican budget bill because it did not provide either. He also used a flurry of vetoes to beat back bills that would have reopened bars, gyms, skating rinks and other businesses that posed a risk while the state’s infection levels were too high,” they write.

“With the support of lawmakers more interested in the well-being of the state and its people, the governor could move North Carolina forward.”

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