Source: News & Observer

In Henderson, North Carolina, Pastor Will Breedlove is still holding in-person services. The only difference is, the congregation sits in the parking lot of a drive-in movie theatre. Congregants sit in their cars, listening to the sermon over an FM radio, according to a profile in the News & Observer.

“I just wanted to be able to gather and keep people safe,” Breedlove told the News & Observer. To punctuate some lines in his sermon, congregants honk their horns in lieu of, “Amen.” 

This was the second sermon Breedlove held at the drive-in, and he is seeking clarity from state officials as to whether he can continue under current health guidelines. 

Congregants find that an in-person sermon is preferable to televangelists. Debbie Edwards attended the sermon and told the News & Observer, “You can listen to preaching on TV, but it’s the fellowship, being with your brothers and sisters in Christ.” 

The hardest part, for some, is being unable to embrace. “It’s very hard to be Southern Baptist and not be hugging,” Stephanie Gupton said. “But we’re following the rules.” 

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