Source: Politico

Politico writes that the battleground state of North Carolina has pivotal races up and down the ballot this year. 

“Mecklenburg and Wake will determine the outcome of the presidential election,” said State Senator Jeff Jackson, “and will determine the majority of the U.S. Senate.”

Political scientist David McLennan points to the rapid growth of Raleigh and Charlotte in making the state competitive, “precisely the kinds of voters the GOP has been bleeding over the course of the last few years” because of President Trump, Politico reports.

Sarah Crawford is running to flip an important district in Raleigh for the state Senate. She attributes growth and fairer lines to making her race competitive.

“Fast-forward six years, it’s not just that we have slightly different district lines — it’s that there’s been just a ton of growth and in particular in the Wake County portion of this district,” Crawford said.

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