Source: News and Observer

Effective at 5pm today, Governor Cooper is easing restrictions on the statewide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. Phase One of the reopening will allow an increase in commercial activity and will ease some other restrictions.

Cooper told reporters that the Stay At Home order will remain but that people would have more reasons to leave their homes. Phase One also allows businesses to fill up to 50% capacity.

Under Phase One, bars, hair and nail salons, gyms and entertainment venues like theatres will remain closed. Restaurants will also remain take-out and delivery only, with no in-house seating for now.

Apart from commercial activity, Phase One also eases restrictions on interactions outside of the immediate family. Small outdoor gatherings of fewer than 10 people are allowed, with social distancing. Also, childcare centers will reopen but with strict guidelines on cleaning.

Finally, churches can hold outdoor services with more than 10 people as they maintain a distance of six feet. Everyone continues to be encouraged to wear face coverings as well.

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