Source: WECT

Governor Cooper introduced a new program called Count on Me NC at a press conference, as the state entered a new stage of reopening. The Count on Me NC program is a free online training for restaurants to share best practices for cleaning, disinfection, social distancing and hygiene practices, WECT reports.

“Restaurants are a major part of our economy, and this virus has been tough on them,” Cooper said at the press conference. “As we enter Phase 2, I appreciate that restaurant owners across the state are focused on how to keep customers and employees safe. They know that strong safety precautions will be good business.”

The program will provide business owners with a way to display their certification. It’s part of an effort to reassure patrons that restaurants are taking seriously the guidelines put in place.

“When completing the course, restaurants and businesses will have a sign in the window and a logo for the website to show their commitment to using new safety protocols. You may see your server wearing a Count on Me pin or name tag if you go into a restaurant this weekend,” Cooper said at the press conference.

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