Source: National Journal

North Carolina is perhaps the biggest battleground state in the country in 2020. Competitive races on the ballot range from the top of the ticket down to state legislative districts. The state will be pivotal in electing the next president and a senator who could flip control of the senate. Also on the ballot is Governor Roy Cooper. His agenda has been met with pushback from a gerrymandered legislature, but that could change after November, according to National Journal.

National Journal lists both chambers of the North Carolina General Assembly on their top 10 list of state legislatures to watch this year. 

“Democrats hoping to make inroads in the state legislature are operating under more favorable district lines, after a federal court deemed the old ones unconstitutional during mid-cycle redistricting. The new playing field was the final push many candidates needed to throw their hats in the ring,” National Journal reports. “Just weeks away from knowing their fate, Democrats say that strong candidate recruitment, the cemented popularity of Gov. Roy Cooper, and Biden’s rising poll numbers in the state make them bullish about their chances.”

Democrats in the House need to flip six seats in order to take a majority. In the Senate, the party needs five more seats. Inroads made in either chamber will improve the odds that North Carolina can expand Medicaid and increase teacher pay, among other priorities.

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