Source: Charlotte Observer

At a press conference, Governor Roy Cooper said that the federal government had only sent about one-third of the personal protective equipment requested by the state. Cooper also noted that the federal government told the state not to expect any more supplies, according to the Charlotte Observer.

“I don’t think any state would tell you that they have everything they need right now,” Cooper said at the press conference. “In fact, most states are on the open market, realizing that the federal government simply doesn’t have it to give to them right now.” 

That hard truth has forced North Carolina to look within for supplies. The state has encouraged manufacturers to produce gloves and similar materials in-state, according to the Charlotte Observer.

“Everybody expected more from the strategic national stockpile, we know that’s depleted now,” Director of Emergency Management Mike Sprayberry said. “Nationally, statewide and locally we’re all competing now to get those types of medical supplies and resources.”

North Carolina took an early, aggressive approach under the direction of Governor Cooper, according to Sprayberry. He attributed the fact that North Carolina was able to acquire more federal assistance than some other states early on to getting those requests in early.

According to North Carolina Health News, Cooper said many of the manufacturers with whom he has spoken about producing PPE in-state have responded positively.

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