Source: WRAL

Members of the North Carolina Task Force for Racial Equity task force have continued to meet and will be hosting their first public comment session on Tuesday, July 28th. Attorney General Josh Stein emphasized the importance of hearing from the public. “Hearing from people across our state is critical to our ability to work toward racial equity in our criminal justice system,” said Attorney General Josh Stein.

The task force, formed by Governor Cooper earlier this year, has already determined three measures they believe will help in the effort to reform policing. According to WRAL, the task force suggested the following:

— Requiring law enforcement to intervene take action when they an officer using excessive force or abusing someone in custody

— Prohibiting the use of neck holds by law enforcement

— Asking the state Supreme Court to require that judges assess someone’s ability to pay before any fines or fees are levied in court

Stein said that most agencies already have in place some of these measures.

“Most law-enforcement agencies in North Carolina already ban chokeholds and already require officers who see another officer behaving outside of their authority to report that. So, what we’re asking for is not radical to adopt these recommendations,” he said.

Supreme Court Justice Anita Earls co-chairs the group with Stein and added that some penalties affect minorities disproportionately. 

“The real question is whether or not our criminal justice system is going to impose penalties on people … [who] are poor, and that’s where the racial equity issue enters the equation because it disproportionately impacts African-Americans in our state,” Earls said.

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