Source: Charlotte Observer

Charlotte, North Carolina is home to the oldest person in the nation. Hester Ford just celebrated her birthday and the Gerontology Research Group confirmed her as the oldest living person in the country, but it’s unclear exactly how old she is. Whether it’s 115 or 116 years, she’s still the oldest, the Charlotte Observer reports.

According to the Charlotte Observer, her age puts her as the sixth oldest person alive in the entire world if she’s 115. If she is 116, she would be third oldest in the world.

“Why you think you still here, baby girl?” Mary Hill, Ford’s granddaughter asked her.

“I don’t know,” Ford said. “I just live right, all I know.” 

Tar Heels seem to have a penchant for longevity. Ford became the oldest American after another North Carolina native, Alelia Murphy, died in New York at 114. 

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