Source: New York Times

In a profile of North Carolina’s role in the 2020 elections, the New York Times describes a state that is becoming increasingly pivotal to the electoral fortunes of both parties. With the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the battle for control of the United States Senate is intensifying. Many analysts see North Carolina as the most likely state to provide the fourth Democratic senator, tipping control of the chamber.

“That makes North Carolina not just a bellwether but a linchpin, with Senator Thom Tillis holding perhaps the deciding seat in who controls the Senate. The White House, the Senate and the Supreme Court, then, could hang in the balance here,” the New York Times reports.

Attorney General Josh Stein says that the election will be pivotal and its effects far-reaching.

“We have more of an ability to shape the future of the state, nation and world than anybody else,” Stein told the Times.

Greensboro Democratic Rep. Ashton Clemmons says that college-educated women are a major driver of the energy on the Democratic side.

“Since Donald Trump’s election, I’ve watched so many of those women I grew up with become activists,” Ms. Clemmons told the Times. “Women who grew up in more traditionally Republican families now very vocal are saying: ‘We can’t take this any longer.’”

Cal Cunningham, the Democrat running for US Senate, says his focus is on North Carolina, not that national spotlight the state is receiving.

“I’m aware that the eyes of the world are on us,” he told the Times. “I’ve got to make it about North Carolina, it is about North Carolina.”

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