Source: News & Observer

Organizers hoped to host a demonstration at 311 Speedway in Stokes County over restrictions on mass gatherings. Just one problem: so few came that the crowd gathered was under the legal limit.

The event boasted a live band and a free cheeseburger and fries with a ticket purchase, according to the News & Observer. Still, the draw was limited. Governor Cooper’s guidelines limit outdoor gatherings to 25 people total; the 311 demonstration, accounting for the entire band and all the staff, “occasionally flirted with 25,” according to the report.

The demonstration also featured plenty of signage for Governor Cooper’s opponent, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest. The Confederate flag also flew, a symbol recently banned by NASCAR at their events. Mike Fulp is the owner of 311 and a vocal opponent of Governor Cooper. On his Facebook page Fulp shared this message: “White Lives Matter.” 

The demonstration fizzled out by the time the race was set to begin. By then, the focus turned toward engines and mud, according to the News & Observer.

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