Source: WRAL

During a campaign speech on the Fourth of July, Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Forest falsely claimed that “masks do not work with viruses.” According to PolitiFact, Forest is simply incorrect.

Forest’s campaign spokesman Andrew Dunn pointed to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, but apparently he misconstrued their conclusion. In fact, the authors of the article released a statement in June clarifying their position and pointed out that, if one reads the full context of the quote, the researchers suggested more masking, not less, according to PolitiFact.

The fact check author cited numerous other recent studies that indicate a growing consensus that mask-wearing can decrease the spread of COVID-19, despite unfounded claims by Forest and his campaign.

Forest claimed that “there have been multiple comprehensive studies at the deepest level held to scientific standards in controlled environments that have all said for decades, masks do not work with viruses.” PolitiFact rated his claim “False.”

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