Source: WRAL

Mark Robinson is the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor. WRAL reviewed his social media posts and uncovered countless examples of inflammatory remarks that Robinson refused to walk back. “I’m not ashamed of anything that I post,” Robinson told WRAL.

North Carolina elects governors and lieutenant governors separately, but Robinson and Dan Forest have been campaigning together as a team. The NCGOP also shared a video supporting the duo on their social media pages. Despite his conspiratorial and fringe views, neither Forest nor the NCGOP have disavowed Robinson.

But some of the posts were not even posted by WRAL in the article, “either because of the language he used or language in the accompanying comments,” WRAL says.

Among the numerous posts, Robinson calls Hollywood demonic; he slams other Black people for handing over “shekels” to satanic and/or Jewish movie executives; he insults famous women and calls them whores; and he calls homosexuality a slide toward pedophilia. 

Yvonne Holley, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, questioned how anyone could support statements like those made by Robinson on his Facebook.

“How can you sit there and say that stuff?” Holley asked in a call with WRAL. “He denied racism. He denied climate change. He denies police brutality even exists … How are you going to solve problems if you don’t believe they exist?”

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