Source: Wake Weekly

Republicans continue to support Larry Norman, a candidate for North Carolina State Senate District 18 in Wake County, despite his apparent support for sterilization, according to Wake Weekly.

Norman’s answer came during a questionnaire with Wake Weekly. 

“We must do more to encourage people who are not willing to support and raise children, not to have them,” Norman said. “I am opposed to abortion, but I am not opposed to better education for children to learn to prevent pregnancies through contraceptives or sterilization.”

Norman still enjoys the support of his fellow Republicans, including the NC Senate Majority Fund which is paying to send political mail on his behalf. Sterilization has a long history of being used to suppress and control women of color in particular. 

“We cannot accept comments that advocate for the practice of sterilization, especially given that sterilization has been used to terrorize women of color and other minoritized communities,” Sarah Crawford, the Democrat running in SD18, said. 

Mr. Norman is advocating for policies that not only oppress minoritized populations but control them in one of the most heinous of ways. Does Senator Phil Berger and his hand-picked Republican candidates also support sterilizing women? I am disgusted that no one in the Republican party has come out against these statements. Right now, their silence can only be seen as support,” Crawford added.

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